Dyslalia. Its Reasons and The Internet Service of Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy

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Today’s children may suffer from various disease which may be closely connected with the mental abnormalties. The main topic of this extract is dyslalia.

Among all known speech problems of the most widespread dyslalia is. Most often it meets at children’s age and consists in various defects of sounds pronunciation of the native language – sound distortion, replacements, mixtures, up to their total absence in the speech. Thus there is rather wide spread opinion that dyslalia at children – the passing phenomenon which disappears with age. However similar speech violation is peculiar also to adults. Thus in most cases main “roots” of a problem should be looked for after all in the childhood. Subsequently the defective sound pronunciation quite often has the extremely adverse impact on all subsequent life.

All potential reasons of dyslalia can be divided into two groups: organic and social and biological.

Organic reasons are manifested in the pronunciation violation arises owing to any anomalies in a structure of the articulation device – teeth, jaws, tongue, palate. It can be both the congenital, and acquired defects: lack of teeth, the wrong bite, the truncated hypoglossal sheaf, the high arch of the palate. Any of the listed anomalies is capable to result in the defects of the speech peculiar to dyslalia.

Social and biological reasons mean that a child’s speech develops due to the imitation. Many parents communicate with the kid insufficiently, don’t pay attention to development child’s pronouncing skills. It becomes frequent the dyslalia reason, after all in a similar situation it is difficult to expect spontaneous emergence in the child of the correct speech. The delay of formation of the pronunciation skills peculiar to the native language, often leads to development and fixing of a defective sound pronunciation. Separately allocate the age reasons of dyslalia at children of preschool age. In this case speech defect is physiological norm and doesn’t demand correction. However for an exception of formation of pathological pronunciation skills it is necessary to show consideration for development of the speech of small children. At preschool age the foundation of communicative opportunities which play an important role during all subsequent life are laid.

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